UF College of Education, Lastinger Center for Learning
The Center harnesses the university’s intellectual resources to design, build, field-test and scale models that advance teaching, learning and healthy child development. The center continuously evaluates and refines its work, widely disseminates its findings and roots its initiatives in a growing network of partner sites around the state and country.

Carole R. Beal Walter Leite Corinne Huggins-Manley Philip Poekert
crbeal@coe.ufl.edu Walter.Leite@coe.ufl.edu amanley@coe.ufl.edu poekert@coe.ufl.edu

UF Informatics Institute
Established in 2014, the UFII’s mission is to develop and nurture integrative informatics research and education studies at the University of Florida. One of its core thrust areas is to leverage the explosion of data in the social sciences to better understand people, culture, political development, education, and human behavior.

George Michailidis

Study Edge
Based in Gainesville FL, Study Edge offers online tutoring, videos, review sessions, and practice exams for courses in 25 “historically difficult” subjects, such as chemistry, economics, mathematics, accounting, and physics. As the original developers of Algebra Nation, the Study Edge team is partnering in the VLL’s program of research.

Sidney D’Mello



Students and staff


Post-doctoral fellows

Clint P. George, Ph.D. Joseph Grafsgaard, Ph.D.
Informatics Institute of Cognitive Science
University of Florida University of Colorado at Boulder
clintpg@ufl.edu joseph.grafsgaard@gmail.com


Graduate Students

Duygu “Dee” Cetin-Berber Brittany Eichler
Education, University of Florida Education, University of Florida
dcetinberber@ufl.edu bee1989@ufl.edu
Robert Wagner Sahba Niaki
Education Statistics
University of Florida University of Florida
wagnerro@ufl.edu sahbaakn@ufl.edu



Alyssa Jaisle Leela Kumaran Linda Miley
Communication and Outreach Project Coordinator Post-award Support
University of Florida University of Florida University of Florida
ajaisle@jou.ufl.edu lkumaran@coe.ufl.edu lmiley@coe.ufl.edu

Interested in becoming a partner? The VLL has funds to support joint investigations into precision education. Contact Project Director Carole Beal for additional information.